Internship Work

These are a few of the projects I had the opportunity to work on at my internship. Some where in-house projects, for a client, or projects for fun. I am so glad I had the chance to learn so many new graphic design tips and tricks from my experience. 


I created this poster for my internship site's front desk. I learned how to use Illustrator's gradient feature so I could give it a more dynamic look. 

Game Plan

I was in charge of designing a new business or "game" plan for the Rebuild Matt Hughes Skatepark Organization. This is a non-profit group who are fundraising to rebuild the local skatepark and I am really glad I got to help.

Rack Card

My mentor gave me a fun project to create a "rack card" for any restaurant I wanted. This card includes a few details about the restaurant, like their hours, specials, location etc.